Monday, April 7, 2008

lights of life

Its really been a long time since i have heard from her. Not that i will hear in the future either...But then the names still never fails to make those tingles and goosebumps...or do they?

Stonelit are my memories (not moonlit ) as those temples and decorated elephants... Life has been easy.. and lovely too... a never ending deeepavaliiiiiiii..

Sandlit were my yesteryears ( not candlelit either...) as those "refurbished" Pyramids and bottom heavy babes made even dreams colorless, faded......well i thought so.. but was not to be..
hearts of gold, hands so warm, never ending is the dark man's charm.

Floodlit are my Arenae, Flashlit are my pathways, as those lightenings passing by me, ...but gone .... are the days of life... Lives so lovesless, Homes so callous, People so clueless....never ending agony is this land's destiny....